Utilizing Expert level Myofascial Release Therapy

and other Manual Therapies for the differing needs of Your body.

Areas of specialization, Dancers and Athletes.

Located in Ali'i Gardens Marketplace Sp. 24

75-6129 Ali'i Dr., Kailua Kona, HI 96740 


"Karen helped me overcome many injuries and damage from surgeries.  Her vast knowledge and her superb technique are matched by her kindness, caring and professionalism."  

A.L., Ballet Teacher and Pilates Instructor

"I have known Karen for 30+ years.  We worked together for many years in an out-patient physical therapy setting in which she excelled in soft tissue and Myofascial Release techniques.  The patients who received her care were miraculously healed from debilitating conditions  This was only the beginning of her successes as she later progressed into her own massage business.  Over the years she has continued to provide restorative care to people with many different kinds of diagnoses.  Her skill and expertise is like no one I have known and she has helped countless clients to recover from their physical ailments. Personally she assisted me with various physical conditions including TMJ, shoulder limitations, back pain and lower leg injuries.  I was healed after only a few treatments.  I highly recommend Karen!"

D.S.,  Masters in Physical Therapist and Ergonomist 

"Karen can identify areas that my body is telling me need to be soothed (painful areas) but I don't know how ...She Does!!!

Similar to an auto mechanic that you can describe the noise. You tell her what is bothering you and she can find the underlying cause(s) and make body adjustments which allows the body to heal itself.  I have called her magic for years.

You would be incredibly lucky to get an appointment with her and have her relieve the aches and pains of everyday activities or previous accidents"

M.C.S., Long time client

Karen has been a crucial part of my wellness routine for many years.  Her skill, knowledge and compassion have helped to heal injuries I've sustained, improve my movement and function as a dancer, swimmer and human being.

Karen's wide scope of interests serve her (and her patients), exceptionally well.  I have relied upon her and have always enjoyed improved health and movement as a result of her care.  Her touch is both sure and gentle and always generated relief and comfort.  She is a unique and remarkable woman and therapist.

K.B., Competitive dancer and Gyrotonics Instructor