Utilizing Expert level Myofascial Release Therapy

and other Manual Therapies for the differing needs of Your body.

Areas of specialization, Dancers and Athletes.

Located in Ali'i Gardens Marketplace Sp. 24

75-6129 Ali'i Dr., Kailua Kona, HI 96740 

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Phone: 714-895-4128

Email: [email protected]

No matter what your sport or artistic expression is, the common denominator is the need to move freely. The ability to move freely happens when your body is able to respond in the way your mind is trying to guide it. Repetitive posturing, training, recent strain, past injuries, and pain are some of the conditions that can alter the way the body is able to move no matter what signals you are sending

Creating efficiency and reducing barriers to flow of movement is my speciality. Finding fascial restrictions and releasing them is the beginning of restorative functional movement. Reestablishing the “pure movement” of what has been a restricted area or areas allows the body to integrate all its necessary parts to a more efficient and stronger movement pattern. This enhances performance, endurance and eliminates pain.

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